Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who You Gonna Call?

For anyone who missed it the first time around or just miss it, the McFly EP "Who You Gonna Call?!?!...." is available as a free download.

                                                                     Download it here!!!!!
For anybody who doesn't know, McFly was a band featuring me aka Ben Stumpf (Finco Mase), Mark Oswald (Finco Mase, Attitude), Jeff Roberts (Pinsky), and Jon Reilly (former Big D and the Kids Table). It was recorded in Spring 2001 in Nashua, NH by Professor Sound himself, John Shirley. It may not sound great, but it has charm. Download it, burn CDs, give them to your friends, do whatever you want.

Does any body out there have a physical copy of this? Mark and I made all of them by hand. Some have fold out booklets with pictures of us as kids. I'd love to get scans of those. Also, there were four versions of the artwork on the actual CDs, a different picture for each member. Anyone have any of those?

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  1. I still have the ORIGINAL demo cd containing Just Another Cool Kid...THE ORIGINAL COPY...as well as the first Down The Stretch CD ever.