Thursday, March 25, 2010

A New Endeavor

Hello everyone,

I must appologize for the lower number of reviews I've been doing lately, but I've recently begun reviewing films for, as well as this wonderful blog you are visiting now. There, I am writing about movies that I feel have aquired certain reputations since their releases. My mission is to see whether or not the film lives up to the reputation it has earned. I have began posting links to these articles at the top of the Soda on the Roof sidebar, located to the right of this entry, here. So I ask you to please check out those aritcles and don't be afraid to click on the respective advertisements located on their pages, for I gain a certain amount of monetary income depending on who visits these sites from my articles.

Also, fear not, I will continue to be writing about all things badass on Soda on the Roof, for the action film is where my heart truly lies.

Your's with respect and gratitude,
Mark Oswald

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